cedrus libani


Recommended for hair care. Cedarwood can be used as a treatment for thinning hair,

some types of hair loss, itchy scalp, dandruff and to add shine and lustre to

dry, damaged or treated hair.

Shampoos can be diluted by 50% with the Water and conditioners by 30% or more.

Blend with Rosemary (for all hair colours),

Sage (for red and dark hair colours) and Chamomile (for blonde hair)

Useful for pets. For cats, it can help to remove dander and deter fleas.

Can be used as a final rinse for dogs to deter fleas and leave them with a lovely shiny coat.

Use in a spray bottle for daily applications in summer and autumn.

Use topically for skin conditions such as weeping and cracked skin, some types of psoriasis, peeling and sweaty feet, dermatitis, allergic rashes, chicken pox, cold sores and inflamed acne.

Use neat or combine with other Waters or with cool filtered water to a ratio of 50 to 70% hydrosol.

Combine with Yarrow in instances of intense itching.

Baths, paddling pools and foot soaks are great places to use Cedarwood for a cooling refreshing feel.

Sprinkle directly onto the rocks in a sauna to help release mucus and phlegm from the lungs.


NOT recommended for internal use due to its diuretic properties