Aromatic Waters

Aromatic WAters


Pure, highly therapeutic waters, presenting the divine, lighter essence of aromatic plants. Balanced, safe and effective, Aromatic Waters have been used for centuries in the traditional herbal medicine of the Middle East for their wholesome action, they are relative new-comers to our Western herbal practice.

Aromatic waters are a gentle, beautifully balanced way of using the therapeutic constituents of whole plants for physical, emotional and spiritual health, hair and skincare, your home's health and just for the sheer joy of everyday use or special celebrations .

 Unlike many hydrosols or floral waters these heavenly Aromatic Waters are not a by-product of another process.


They are created by slow water distillation and retain the volatile oil and water soluble components  of the plants. Their action and chemical profile is closer to the whole, living plant than other preparations.

Less harsh than essential oils, more well rounded than infusions & tinctures, they are, unless otherwise specified, safe for use internally and externally, and safe for children. Please refer to the specific Aromatic Water for details on safety and recommended use. 

Unless otherwise specified the standard adult dose taken internally is 10ml three times a day, either drunk neat or in water.

They can be added to many foods and drinks .


Those Waters that can be used externally may be sprayed onto the face and body, used as washes and compresses, added to creams, lotions, baths, clay masks, facial steams and mouthwashes.


Stored in dark glass bottles in a cool, dark place, average shelf life is 18 months.