melissa Officinalis


Calming to body more than mind without being over sedative. 

Use for stress, anxiety, and childhood hysterics.

Combine with Rosemary whilst studying and with Neroli to drink during exams.

Has shown positive results for ADHD.

For morning sickness, digestive upsets and water retention during pregnancy and

as system tonic for general wellbeing.

Also add small amount of Cinnamon Bark and Peppermint for morning sickness.

Gentle enough for use on babies; try adding a teaspoon to a night time bath or blend with German Chamomile or Yarrow for cradle cap and nappy rash.

(greatly improves aroma of Yarrow!)

Use internally for up to 3 weeks as a preventative in flu and allergy season. Lemonbalm is used for immune stimulating and some infection fighting properties. It has some effect on lowering blood pressure although this may be due primarily to its anxiety reducing properties.

Gentle cholagogue (promoting discharge of bile) and has been used as digestive drink for centuries; the Water aids digestion and reduces intestinal spasm and cramps associated with colitis and Crohn’s disease. In some people however, it has shown a laxative effect, so test first before committing to longer term use for those with bowel disorders.

A good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, can be used on its own or in blends as skin clarifier, to calm rashes, irritations and eczema.

Use neat as soon as possible after contact with Poison Ivy or Poison Oak.

Add to lotions and creams for anti-aging and after-sun body care. The Essential Oil is considered to have anti-viral properties and the Water may have similar properties. For herpes virus - use neat on sores 6 to 10 times per day, ideally as soon as you notice the symptoms and take half a tablespoon internally at each application.

Delicious beverage hot or cold. Excellent in all recipes whether sweet or savoury. Try it for steaming vegetables or fish.

Dosage - For children with ADHD use 30ml in a litre of water;

consume throughout the day. For adults double the quantity.

    Do not use (or use with caution and short term only) with     

    low blood pressure.