Lippia Citriodora

Strong anti-inflammatory, antiviral, mental relaxant, 

useful for relieving stress and anxiety.

Use as a mouth wash for good oral hygiene or following dental surgery due to it's affinity

for the mucus membranes of the mouth and nose.

Use as a tonic to aid alleviate jitters, stage fright, fear and to help boost self-esteem and confidence. If mental focus is required, combine with a less sedative relaxant such as Neroli. 

Stimulates the endocrine system, particularly the thyroid and pancreas.

Taken internally in warm beverages, it relieves PMS symptoms and can reduce cramps.

It can be used as a prophylactic during the flu season and as a digestive aid with some effect on appetite stimulation where symptoms are stress related. 

Blend with Yarrow for a gentle effective cleanse

without the weight loss that yarrow alone may produce.

Externally as a skin clarifier for normal & combination skin types.

Combined with Frankincense it refines skin texture and may reduce pore size.

On it's own or blended with lavender or peppermint, it makes a wonderful

conditioning after shave tonic.

The pH is close to that of the acid mantle of the skin.

A delicious addition to deserts, beverages, sweets and sea foods.