Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine known and has been used

since earliest times to treat illness and maintain good health.


By using whole plant extracts the full range of a plant’s potential is made available.

Such plant medicines avoid many of the risks associated with the isolated chemical extracts of

synthetic drugs. They support the body’s own healing processes, thus restoring

balance and strengthening the innate ability to maintain vitality & well being.


Modern Medical Herbalists’ training includes much that is similar to

 training in conventional medicine without losing sight of holistic

traditions to ensure you receive the best possible treatment.



Your first consultation will take  about an hour and a half.

A full medical history will be taken and, where appropriate, a physical examination

including blood pressure.


A prescription will be individually formulated for you along with any dietary and lifestyle advice.

A combination of remedies is usually given in tincture form.

 Other remedies: teas, creams, ointments and oils may also be prescribed.


A follow up appointment is usually arranged for two or three weeks

after your initial consultation.

Thereafter, monthly or six weekly consultations may be necessary

to monitor your progress.


Acute conditions generally respond quickly to treatment.

Chronic conditions, which may have taken years to develop, may require treatment for some months. 

Once health has been restored this state is encouraged by the inclusion of natural remedies

in day to day living, for example, as herbal teas or foods.

Your medical herbalist is happy to liaise with other healthcare professionals, including your GP

and is competent in assessing when a referral is necessary.

Your consultations are strictly confidential.

Many conditions respond well to herbal medicine & include:


· Children's’ ailments-dealt with safely, effectively and naturally


· Stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression


· Asthma, eczema, hay fever, allergies


· Osteoarthritis, rheumatic conditions, sports injuries


· Heart and circulatory problems, high and low blood pressure, angina, varicose veins


· Menstrual, menopausal, gynaecological and fertility disorders


· Digestive disorders, IBS, candida


· Skin conditions, athletes foot, acne, psoriasis


· Headaches and migraines


· Urinary tract conditions


· Infections and post infective conditions


· Respiratory conditions, ear, nose and throat problems


        A 15min consultation is available, in person or by phone, free of charge to assess whether herbal medicine            is suitable for you. 

        Initial Consultation

        Approx 1.5hrs                          £65.00


        Follow-up Consultation

        30-40mins                               £30.00



        Standard tincture-

        Medicine for 1 week                 £7.00

        Premium tincture-

        Medicine for 1 week from        £9.00               


        Herbal teas 50g from               £3.00

        Ointments from                       £3.50

        Creams from                            £4.50

Please phone or email to arrange a free 15min assessment or to make an appointment for your initial consultation