simmondsia chinensis


A versatile oil suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and baby's skin, and hair,

use alone or in combination with other fixed and essential oils.

Sinks in quickly and leaves no greasy residue.

Leaves the skin with a smooth and silky feel. Conditions and protects skin and hair.

As a natural, liquid wax, it is occlusive - forms a barrier that stops moisture loss from the skin.

At low temperatures it may become cloudy or solidify.

If this occurs, just bring it back to a warm room temperature to restore it to its liquid state.

Use on its own as a make-up remover (or with caster oil)

Use alone or in combination for mature and dry skin.

Include in oils for rebalancing sebum production - oily, combination and acneic skin types.

Excellent in combination in massage blends and to protect hands and nails.