Sophiology is born of a passion for sharing the beauty and benefits of nature & the joy of 

everyday rituals for health, connection & celebration.

Our goods & services share a common inspiration - the shape of the landscape, the changing colours &

scents of the seasons & the magical forms of the plants themselves are celebrated in every aspect of

our creations; in our therapeutic herbal preparations, premium skincare products, tactile & practical homewares & ceramics, gifts & mixed media artefacts, courses, workshops & in our one-to-one consultations

  The sensuous products with their sublime  textures, heavenly fragrances & the colours of nature

 engage the senses offering a simple opportunity to be present to the wonderful gifts of

the natural world-everyday moments of bliss in our busy lives!

Our aim is to create divine, efficacious products, the use of which confers

 only benefits upon the user, the suppliers, the makers & the environment.

 You will find no potentially toxic ingredients, unnecessary packaging

nor wasteful production methods & we continuously assess  our practices

 in the light of new research & technology to ensure this aim is fulfilled.

No ingredients nor end products are tested on animals, palm oil

is RSPO certified & hyaluronic acid is from bio-fermentation not animal derived.

The herbs, oils & aromatic waters used in our products are medicinal grade & mostly organic, sourced

from small, family run growers and producers who supply the professional herbal medicine community

and are committed to developing sustainable methods of production.

Fabrics for our textile creations are always natural fibres - linen, wool, silk. They are often re-cycled & new fabrics are chosen with consideration of least harmful production processes. The materials used in our mixed-media artefacts are always either recycled or found objects-we never throw anything away that could be transformed into a work of art! The herbal "waste" produced in the manufacture of our skincare products & herbal remedies goes into the compost heap then back into the earth. The packaging for our products is intended to be refilled, re-used or, as a last resort, recycled.

Sophiology products are designed & made in the English Lake District from the purest of   

                            ingredients & materials by medical herbalist, Lesley Hoyle, who brings her expertise & scientific knowledge gained from thirty years experience in working at the forefront of western herbal medicine.

Whilst no medicinal claims are made for any of our products, they may relieve symptoms in certain conditions. They are not intended to replace holistic, systemic treatment, rather they are offered in support of the treatment advised by your healthcare practitioner.


Some products contain nut oils & other potential allergens. it is recommended to do a patch test

48hrs before using a new product.