pelargonium graveolens


A balancing tonic for skin, nerves, hormones and blood.

Moisturising, astringent and anti-microbial - a superb treatment for 

combination, blemished and scarred skin.

Any skin condition will benefit from its use - apply neat or add to creams. 

Mix with other waters-Yarrow or Witch Hazel for weeping eczema, Chamomile German for

acne rosacea. in a spritz with Rose for hot flushes.

 Use to remove make-up, in a spray for tired legs or a  compress for

aching muscles and joints and nerve pain.

Use to wash cuts, treat bleeding gums and varicose veins.

Internally for hormone related mood swings and other hormone related imbalances.

An uplifting, refreshing tonic. great in desserts and cocktails. Mixes well with Rose to drink.

Use in recipes calling for Rose Geranium Water.